4 Simple Steps to Creating an eBook

Expanding Interest in the eBook 

Technology today is moving at a monumental pace. We now have the ability to carry an entire library of titles in our back pockets – to the back garden, to the beach, and beyond. From classical literature to informational encyclopaedias – eBooks offer an expansive way to access printed publications in a contemporary and desirable format. For on-the-go entertainment or informational digestion, any publication has the potential to become an eBook! Could this be the best route for your own publication?

Step One: Choosing a Topic

When choosing a captivating topic, think about what you’re passionate about and begin  by creating a draft of your literature; keeping in mind that you are creating content to appeal to your target audience. The most popular eBooks share a personal story or experience. Also, consider where your eBook will be shared; to a blog? Or to a website? Or straight to the marketplace – Start the process here! Evaluate the ways in which your story and your unique perspective can help you to stand out. Get creative! 

Step Two: Formatting

Once the content is collated into a word document, we can assist you with the format of your eBook. Less is more; readability is your main point of focus here. The pliable nature of the eBook creates a unique user-guided experience for each reader. The text can be transformed into the font of the readers preference and enlarged into a variety of sizes once purchased; so keep it simple in this stage with a sans-serif font. Images can be added to illustrate your narrative and enhance your literature. All of the technicalities of composing the eBook are taken care of in-house at Chandler Book Design.  

Step Three: Proofreading

A fresh pair of eyes on your project could be just what is needed to guarantee your writing is presented to the highest possible standard. Our proofreading services include; reviewing spelling and grammar, syntax, double spacing, inaccuracies between characters, general continuity and coherence of the text. We offer proofreading at Chandler Book Design as an additional service, for a supplementary fee. Our fee is calculated on the basis of word count. Copywriting services are also available at an additional cost.

Step Four: Creating an Eye-Catching Cover Design

Having an interesting, eye-catching cover design is imperative. With conglomerate giants such as Amazon selling a sea of titles for a vast and expansive audience to choose from – at Chandler Book Design, we appreciate the details of eBooks just as intently as we do paperback novels. With our clever design practices, we ensure that your book cover will stand out ahead of others. Already have an idea in mind for your cover design? – Amazing! We can work in-house to bring your ideas to life onto the cover of your eBook.


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