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    Let us create for you a fully navigable eBook via the table of contents, reflowable or fixed, with both Mobi and ePub formats supported.

  • An eBook is the perfect way to launch your book when you’re on a tight budget. Self-publishing is a popular way for new, unestablished authors to get their work out there without swallowing the cost of printing. It can also be a quicker route to seeing your words in print.

    Kindle Book Cover Design

    As well as being cost effective, eBooks are actually a great way to get your work in front of a wider audience. Kindles, iPads, and other devices are becoming an increasingly popular way for readers to access literature. It’s often much easier to download a book than to head out and buy one.

    However, if you’re considering publishing an eBook, then you do need to maintain certain standards. You need to make sure that you don’t cut corners. Your audience will still expect a high-quality layout even though they’re accessing your book digitally.

    At Chandler Book Design, we specialise in producing books designed and presented to the highest possible standard. We understand how important it is to grab your readers’ attention and we know exactly how to do it.

    Where eBooks are concerned, the design can be even more critical than with traditional books. With an eBook cover, the print is inevitably much smaller than a printed book. That’s why it’s even more vital that the right detail jumps out. When a potential customer is browsing online, our clever design practices will ensure that it’s your book cover that grabs their attention instantly.

    With an eBook, you also need to play close attention to the interior layout. What works well in print doesn’t necessarily translate well into an eBook.

    With our wealth of experience, we know what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t, when it comes to eBook design.

    So, when the time comes to launch your very own eBook, let Chandler Book Design work with you on the design. We will be alongside you every step of the way to ensure that the finished product is flawless and attractive to your audience. We understand how important this is to you, and our passion lies in helping to make your book a success.

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