• Japanese Sword Reflections of a Nation

    This high quality book of Samurai swords from the Yume collection, showing swords from the most important periods in Japanese history, was a unique task for the Chandler Book Design team.

  • Samuari Collection V2
  • This literary work was a unique task for the Chandler Book Design team. The client was based in Singapore so many of our meetings were completed remotely. In the initial stages, the client supplied their text and images separately; which allowed the design team to fabricate a unique foundational layout. We curated an assortment of solely image-based double page spread pages alongside singular pages which consisted of text interwoven around images. Additionally, the design was elevated with a range of commission based illustrations which demonstrated the historic context of the use of the Japanese sword. Additional exemplary diagrams designed from scratch were also utilised in order to provide the reader with additional information. 

    The layout resulted in the use of approximatively 62 individual images of swords with close ups and fittings. The final page count resided at 344 pages; therefore, this was a fairly substantial project to complete in the time frame given. The team worked well within these parameters, acknowledging the volume of the task and focused upon attention to detail which, was needed for each page of this piece of work. Each individual page was designed with a level of precision and care which we inject into all of our projects at Chandler Book Design, no matter the size. 

    Samuari Collection V2

    Front Cover and Chapter Start

    Cd2243 The Japanese Sword Part 2 100 101

    Internal double page spread with illustration commissioned exclusively for this book

    cd2243 the japanese sword part 2 106 107

    cd2243 the japanese sword part 1 40 41

    cd2243 the japanese sword part 1 14 15

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