• Children’s Book Design

  • Children might adore books, but they can tend to get bored easily. Subsequently, the design and layout of a children’s book is vitally important to keep young minds absorbed by the content.
    At Chandler Book Design, we have the experience, knowledge and creativity to produce book design that transfixes children and encourages them to want to pick up a book and keep turning its pages.

    Book cover design

    The cover of a children’s book can make the difference between youngsters reaching out for the book or leaving it on the shelf!

    At Chandler Book Design we can create a bespoke book cover for a children’s story. Our bespoke book cover designs are created to jump off the shelf and grab little ones’ attention.

    Children’s book layout design

    The layout of a children’s book is also important, as youngsters tend to respond more attentively to text when it’s broken by colourful, eye-catching images and subheadings.

    Our team of creative book designers will work with you to create a book design and layout that will resonate with your young audience.

    Non-fiction or fiction

    Whether you’re publishing a non-fiction children’s book and are looking for a non-fiction book cover, or a fiction book, Chandler Book Design will create a bespoke cover and layout that will help bring your book to life.

    A free quotation

    Get in touch with Chandler Book Design’s team of creative children’s book designers to discuss your requirements and for a free quotation.

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