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    "Naturalist, Photographer and Wildlife Artist, a close-up perspective of his life and works." We highlight in this case study how our design team handled a project which prevalently displayed pencil drawings and painting graphics alongside photography workings.

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  • The purpose of this book is to preserve the paintings, photographs and supporting details of the life of my father, Kenneth William Padley (1926 – 2006), to open his work to a wider audience and to help it gain the recognition that it richly deserves. It deals with his wildlife paintings and pencil drawings, wildlife and creative photography and sculptures. They are in the context of extensive biographical detail, historical context including commissions, artistic influences and accepted practice. 

    Clare Hale


    This project required a compassionate outlook when curating the pages for the art book portfolio of the life workings of the late K.W. Padley. The art of Kenneth William Padley consisted of artwork produced upon a range of different mediums, such as watercolour paintings and pencil sketches alongside photographs of natural wildlife. Some workings required side-by-side displays of two mediums of the same subject; such as the Dog Fox with Vixen as pictured below. Similarly, the book consisted of examples of artefacts from Padley’s life work, which were also to be displayed; such as the Ludo box as pictured below. Overall the layout was worked into an informative yet aesthetically arranged art book; which provides an insightful documentation of the life of the author’s father and the artwork he created throughout his life. 

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